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Welcome to Yingling's Golf Center with TrackMan Range!

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At Yingling's, we're committed to revolutionizing your golfing experience with cutting-edge technology.

With TrackMan Range, we bring the same advanced tracking and analysis capabilities used by professionals to our driving range, allowing you to elevate your game like never before.

Experience TrackMan Range

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TrackMan Range offers unparalleled insights into every aspect of your swing, helping you unlock your full potential on the course. Here's what you can expect from our TrackMan-equipped driving range:

  • Precision Tracking: TrackMan's state-of-the-art radar technology precisely measures key parameters of your swing, including club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. With real-time feedback on each shot, you'll gain valuable insights to optimize your performance.
  • Interactive Targets: Take aim at our interactive targets scattered across the range, each equipped with TrackMan technology. Test your accuracy and distance control as you aim for specific targets, and watch as TrackMan provides instant feedback on your shot quality.
  • Shot Analysis: Dive deep into the details of your swing with TrackMan's comprehensive shot analysis features. Visualize your shot trajectory, analyze ball flight patterns, and identify areas for improvement with detailed data and visualizations.
  • Customized Practice Plans: Work with our experienced instructors to develop customized practice plans based on your TrackMan data. Whether you're focusing on driving distance, iron accuracy, or short game consistency, TrackMan provides the insights you need to fine-tune your skills effectively.

Price List

Range Bucket Prices

Small (30 balls) : $8

Medium (50 balls) : $10

Large (80 balls) : $15

Jumbo (120 balls) : $20

TrackMan Range

No additional cost

Range Cards

Customers pay:

  • $50 and receive $60 in driving range credit
  • $100 and receive $125 in driving range credit
  • $200 and receive $275 in driving range credit
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